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Why Courts Matter- PA is a project of the Center for American Progress, led by The Pennsylvania PBPC_logoBudget and Policy Center.

No matter the issue — voting rights, employment discrimination, environmental regulation, health care, immigration — our federal judiciary plays an important role in the lives of hardworking Americans.

But currently, judicial seats are vacant because of unprecedented obstruction in Washington. President Obama’s judicial nominees have been waiting far longer for a vote than other presidents’ nominees. The result is a backlog of cases that undermines our system of justice and makes it difficult for most Americans to have their cases heard in a timely manner. The holds on President Obama’s judicial nominees threaten the legacy of a more diverse and fair federal court for decades to come.

The Senate must fulfill its Constitutional duty to get the courts running at full capacity. Judicial nominees deserve a simple yes or no vote. It is time to put aside the partisan bickering, get rid of the anonymous ‘holds’ that Senators can place on a judicial appointment, and fill these critical vacancies so Americans can have their voice heard in court.


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